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Interim Family Planning Advisor (TAMS 106)
5. Senior/Specialist

USAID/Tanzania requires a consultant to serve as an Interim Family Planning (FP) Consultant to provide technical and management support to the USAID/Tanzania Health Office. The consultancy will be for up to six months beginning as early as July 2020 (USAID is willing to consider the consultant works virtually for part of the time should COVID-19 prohibit travel. This would depend on the extent of the consultant’s experience and familiarity with USAID systems).

Tanzania is a priority country for family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) service delivery and policy issues for USAID. Tanzania continues to have a high fertility rate, low contraceptive prevalence rate, high unmet need for family planning, and extremely high rates of teen pregnancy. Tanzania's contradictory policies and stances on FP/RH require USAID staff to demonstrate strong expertise and diplomatic skills.
USAID/Tanzania’s Senior FP Advisor provides technical and policy advice to Mission and Health Office leadership, as well as to the Government of Tanzania. She applies FP expertise to USAID investments in health service delivery, social behavior change and system strengthening. She advocates for FP both within and outside the Mission and represents USAID in external FP forums. The Senior FP Advisor manages community-based FP activities, including integrated awards and partnerships with the private sector.
The current Senior FP Advisor is ending her service with USAID/Tanzania on May 8, 2020 after nine years of exemplary service. USAID/Tanzania has opted to hire a United States Personal Services Contractor to fill her place; however, this process is expected to take 12 to 18 months. USAID/Tanzania is requesting a consultant to achieve specific deliverables while this critical position is vacant. The Interim FP Advisor will be placed within the Health Office’s Community Team and will work closely with the Senior FP specialist and the FP/HIV integration specialist on the Facility Team.


FP/RH Strategic and Technical Advice (45%)
  • Provide technical expertise, guidance, and advice on FP/RH focusing on issues related to service delivery, HSS, policy/advocacy, private sector engagement, SBC, social marketing/social enterprise, and strategic information.
  • Explore options to apply international best practices to FP/RH policy dialogue in Tanzania (e.g., the introduction of new FP methods, use of community health workers for FP/RH service delivery; domestic resource mobilization for FP); and FP integration
  • Provide technical advice and recommendations on FP/RH for USAID/Tanzania’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), Development Objective Quarterly Reviews (DOQRs), operational planning, annual program performance reporting and activity design.
  • Build on and expand existing strategic relationships with the private sector (including faith-based institutions) to strengthen FP/RH programming in Tanzania in support of USAID’s policy on the Journey to Self-Reliance
  • Review and analyze data on FP/RH activities as a basis for providing up-to-date information and recommendations on the effectiveness and impact of program strategies and inputs, in collaboration with the Health Office Strategic Information Team
  • Participate in technical meetings with implementing partners, donors, the Government of Tanzania (GOT), USG agencies, the private sector, and other key local and international stakeholders in support of USAID/Tanzania’s FP/RH goals and objectives
  • Provide periodic updates of the FP/RH situation in Tanzania for Mission and Health Office leadership, USAID/Washington, and the U.S. Embassy and prepare other briefing documents as required.

Program Management (45%)
  • Provide technical input to the implementation of FP/RH activities in Tanzania including but not limited to the following areas of focus: service delivery (including integration of FP/RH and HIV services), SBC, social marketing/social enterprise, policy/advocacy, and HSS
  • Participate in site visits to assess program implementation and progress and to meet with beneficiaries to ensure quality of FP/RH programming
  • Provide technical guidance to Mission’s FP costing and policy efforts, as well as work with other technical experts to see non-FP costing/policy activities
  • Advise on FP/RH integration with non-health programs, including an integrated population, health and environment award managed by USAID/Tanzania’s Economic Growth Office
  • Assist with onboarding of new implementing partners, including a new local partner that will support integrated FP and TB services at the community level
  • Advise USAID implementing partners on new evidence, knowledge management, and documentation/dissemination of FP/RH best and promising practices and lessons learned
  • Provide technical support to the design of new activities that include an FP/RH component
  • Assist with monitoring compliance with relevant and applicable USG/USAID FP and abortion legal and policy requirements (e.g., Tiahrt Amendment, Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance).

External Coordination (10%)
  • Provide expert technical review and feedback on national FP strategies, policies, plans, and protocols developed by the GOT as requested
Participate in efforts to communicate externally the Mission’s support for FP/RH and identify current and emerging country needs in collaboration with other donors and key stakeholders.

  • Master’s degree in a relevant discipline such as public health, reproductive health, social science, or other field related to international development and/or public health
  • Minimum of five years of experience in FP/RH programming, with at least two years of experience managing FP/RH programs in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Understanding of USAID policies and processes, including its requirements as related to FP/RH programming, is required
  • High degree of independence, judgment, ingenuity, and flexibility to respond to changing work priorities and environment
  • Proven capacity to navigate sensitive situations and employ diplomatic skills in regards to public health issues
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and demonstrated ability to work well in with cross-cultural teams
  • Strong management, coordination, and analytical skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and time-management skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills for report writing and other key communications and internal/external presentations.

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